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Jiham Creatives Sdn. Bhd (1499060W)

Zikir Afsha with Romaji

Zikir Afsha offers a compact yet impactful design, ensuring it stands out visually. With its concise size, it doesn't compromise on readability or understanding. It's crafted to be easily comprehensible, allowing you to engage with the content effortlessly.

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SAVANNA LIFESTYLE RETAIL, C-G-19, JALAN BBLS, Southville City, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor
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Hear What They Say

    "It’s hard to find calligraphy wall art that can blend in well with our home decor, but this one from Jiham is just perfect."

    Calligraphy Model: Syahadah Salasa Black Transparent


    "I masih tak boleh move on ye dengan hallway i. Berubah betul bila letak kaligrafi dari Jiham."

    Calligraphy Model: Zikir Ardani Black Transparent


    "Suka sangat dengan view baru ni. Keluar bilik terus nampak Zikir ni terus mulut ikot berzikir 🥰."

    Calligraphy Model: Zikir Ardani Gold & Black Background


    "Rumah nampak penuh, dah tak nampak kosong sangat." Material dan design sangat premium 😎, estetik dan minimalis.

    Calligraphy Model: 1000 Dinar Black Transparent



    “Dari segi pembungkusan memang sangat2 la kemas dan barang mmg dijamin selamat 👍🏻👍🏻 🥰 Alhamdullillah set zikir saya smpai tanpa sebarang kerosakan pun.”

    Calligraphy Model: Zikir Ardani White Transparent



JIHAM Calligraphy

Dignify Islamic Calligraphy with minimalist, hand-made to perfection and aesthetic.